BALDNESS? No more a problem. Now do not think baldness is incurable. Our ULTRA MODERN AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY, which uses synthetically processed NATURAL HAIR, helps cover the areas affected by hair loss in a complete hassle free way. Truly PAIN FREE HIGHY EFFECTIVE NO SIDE EFFECTS 100% SAFE & RELIABLE The hair attached is will perfectly gel with your original hair giving you an absolute NATURAL LOOK! No need to change your daily routines. Ride a Bike , Take a Swim, Use a Shampoo. No worries!



  • Hair Fixing (fixing with Clip)
  • Hair Bonding (fixing with glue)
  • Hair Taping (fixing With sticker)
  • Full coverage (wig) for Fully baldness people.
  • Ladies

  • Hair extension (increasing hair density and length)
  • Hair patching(covering top of the head of less density area)
  • Full coverage (wig) for Chemo patients and any other skin problem patients
  • We return the charm to your personality with the help of our well experienced technicians.....
    Servicess available those clients who did the hairfixing in other centers.

  • Shampoo wash and seting.
  • Hair conditioning and seting.
  • Hair filling.
  • Round stitching etc.